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Your next level Canine and Equine Care

Here at CKG Canine and Equine Services, we offer holistic therapy and nutrition for both Canines and Equines. 


Our staple program is our comprehensive dog program, exclusively for Reactive and Anxious dogs. Empowering you with the essential skills to embrace your relationship with your dog. 

We are located in beautiful Whatcom County; however, we also serve Skagit County, Snohomish County, Island County and King County. 

Dog Walk
Happy Dog

You're In The Right Place If... 

  1. You love your dog, but you can't enjoy your walks like you want to 

  2. Your dog's reactive behavior affects your ability to include them in family gatherings 

  3. You've tried everything and yet, nothing has helped 

  4. You worry your dog may hurt someone, or maybe they already have

  5. You don't want your dog living a life where they are stressed all of the time 

  6. You are ready to address your dog's behavior and help them heal 


Full-Service Canine Care 

Board & Train

Training Program

Full Immersion Training 

Raw Carnivore Nutrition

Meal Plans

Holistic Therapies

PEMF Therapy 


equine services 

PEMF Therapy


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Chelsea is AWESOME! We had Chelsea board and train our 7 month Dalmatian, who has massive amounts of energy and ADD. It was hard for him to focus, he was people and dog reactive, didn’t know basic commands, would jump all over the counters, was a little food agreesive and couldn’t walk on a leash. We got updates 3x a week on our pup and his progress.

Our pup is now a changed man after the 4 week program :-) i don’t know how Chelsea did it, but we are so happy to be able to have him home and enjoy him around the kids/babies. He is very calm, knows basic commands, we can eat around him and he won’t even bother going to the food. We even took him to Public places with other dogs and people and he did great. Our pup also does great on a leash now. I would recommend her 10000%
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