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Meet the Trainer - Chelsea Judge 

Hello there!

I'm Chelsea and I have a lifelong passion for animals, particularly dogs and horses. Growing up on a farm surrounded by nature and the companionship of animals, has shaped who I am today. 

From the age of 8, I delved into the world of horse shows, where I learned the art of patience, discipline, and the unique bond between a rider and their horse. For 15 years, I dedicated myself to training horses, fostering their potential until 2019 when a pivotal moment occurred—the passing of the barn owner led to the closure of the barn. This turning point opened a new chapter in my journey.

In the face of change, I decided to channel my passion for training and nurturing animals towards dogs. Drawing on my rich experience with horses, I embarked on a new adventure in dog training. Over the past two years, I've immersed myself in the intricate world of canine nutrition and behavior.

My focus shifted towards dogs dealing with reactivity and aggression. It's a challenging yet incredibly rewarding endeavor. Understanding the complexities of canine behavior, I work tirelessly to create tailored training programs that bring out the best in each dog. My goal is not just obedience but building trust and fostering a strong, harmonious relationship between dogs and their humans.

Beyond my professional endeavors, you'll find me at my happiest in the great outdoors, whether it's taking a leisurely stroll with my furry companions or enjoying the tranquility of nature. My roots on the farm have instilled in me a deep appreciation for the simple joys that come with life's every twist and turn.

Join me on this journey of companionship, learning, and growth. Let's create a world where every dog thrives, and every owner cherishes the bond they share with their four-legged friends.

Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to connecting with fellow animal enthusiasts like you!

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