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Structured Day Care 

CKG K9 is now welcoming Structured Day Care! 

Our Structured Day Care offers a safe place for your pup to socialize with other dogs, keep up on training and stay in shape during the wet and cold months. 

We understand that maintaining training is important, so we offer a program that is both mentally and physically tasking for your dog's energy and help's keep their minds sharp.

While you are busy at work, your pup will be busy maintaining impulse control, place command, cardio conditioning on the treadmills, and other goals you may like to add on for your pup. We also provide monitored playtime for those that wish to have some play in their day. 


Before your pup can start the Structured Day Care Program, they must attend an assessment and evaluation to establish goals. 



Structured Day Care is currently available Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays

9am-10am: Drop Off 

4pm-6pm: Pick Up 

*Earlier pickup can be arranged 


What's Included

  • Place work 

  • Treadmill - each dog will receive 1-2 treadmill sessions during the day 

  • One 20-30 min enrichment/training session

  • Play time - if available 

  • Other enrichment add-ons include: Bully Stick, Stuffed Kong, LikiMat, Snuffle Mat 



Dogs must be at least 16 weeks of age

Dogs must be able to keep calm in crate - Crate Trained 

Dogs experiencing Behavioral problems will require training before being accepted into the Day Care program, 

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