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Get Started on Your Journey Through Reactivity Rehab Today

Through a fully customizable and holistic approach, we guide you on a path of healing from the inside out. Our program isn't just about changing behaviors; it's about fostering a profound shift that brings balance and tranquility to both dogs and their owners alike. With expert guidance, compassionate support, and a focus on building a resilient bond, Reactivity Rehab is your key to a harmonious future. 
Embark on your transformative journey of Reactivity Rehab, our meticulously tailored signature program created for fear reactive, anxious dogs and their equally anxious owners.

The Most Comprehensive Programs for Reactive Dogs the PNW has to offer 

Together we will.... 

1) Address your dog's physical health and wellness, uncovering any underlying factors that contribute to increased reactivity such as digestive issues, allergies, or bodily discomfort/pain.

2) Optimize your environment to prevent reactive meltdowns, providing you and your dog relief from frequent stressful events right from the start.

3) Create a daily routine that fulfills your dog's unique age and breed specific needs so that they are able to cope with stress better. 

4) Learn training techniques that change your dog's feelings about their triggers so that they no longer feel the need to perform reactive behaviors.

5) Teach your dog functional obedience skills that make sense for your goals and lifestyle.

And what you can expect 

Our innovative hybrid approach combines the hands-on effectiveness of in-person private lessons with the convenience and accessibility of virtual coaching. This dynamic combination allows us to be with you not only during your tailored sessions but also throughout your day-to-day interactions with your reactive dog.

We integrate our Board and Train program into this program so that you have the piece of mind and extra support when you need it the most. 

Board and Train 

Our Board and Train brings personalized attention to the forefront, allowing us to begin the process of laying the appropriate foundation for the future. 

Private Coaching

Our private in-person coaching allows us to fine-tune techniques and address challenges within real-life environments. 

Virtual Academy

Our virtual coaching acts as an anchor, offering guidance, insights, and solutions precisely when you need them. By bridging the gap between private lessons and your daily routines through our virtual academy, we provide unparalleled support that ensures continuous progress.

Dog Walk

We Are The Right Fit For Each Other If...

  • You're looking for transformation, not a quick fix 

  • You're prepared to put in the time and effort to achieve your goals with your dog 

  • You want a better quality of life for you and your dog 

  • You're ready to confront and overcome the barriers holding you back 

Boarding Services 



Need a place for your canine to stay without letting the training go to waste? Dogs that have been through any of our Board & Train programs are welcome to board while you are on vacation. 


While dogs that have been through my Board & Train program or are a part of our lesson program get priority boarding, I do board dogs that cannot board in your tradition boarding facilities.

I highly recommend that if your dog has reactivity issues, you seek training with a professional trainer. 


Refresh Training 

Refresh Board - previous board and train clients ONLY 

Refresh boarding allows dogs to participate in training activities in and out of the facility. Joining field trips and getting back into the training routine. Great for dogs that need to continue training or need a slight tune up while the Owner's enjoy their vacation. 


*Refresh boarding requires a minimum of 5 days and must be booked well in advance 


Pick Up and Drop Off 

Pick up and Drop off times are coordinated at confirmation of scheduling. You may schedule at any time through our Paw Partner Portal. Please choose the rough estimate of time that you would like pick up and drop off. When I go to confirm your booking, I will reach out to confirm pick up and drop off times and location. Our primary location for Pick Up and Drop Off is at our new location in Snohomish. 

*Service to your home may be extra due to time and fuel

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